PAT testing is something most businesses are aware of, although many business owners are not entirely sure how it affects them and which appliances have to be compliant. Making sure you maintain your business appliances before its too late is key.  

Environments such as offices, shops and community centres can contain a variety of portable electrical appliances which by law must be maintained if they can cause danger in any way.

Appliances such as radios, kettles, vacuums, desktops, monitors and photocopiers, phone chargers, laptop chargers and extension leads. All these portable items that generally have a lead and a plug and can be moved around.

Checks should be carried out often enough to ensure there is little chance the equipment will become unsafe between checks. It is good practice to make a decision on how often each piece of equipment should be checked, write this down, make sure checks are carried out accordingly and write down the results. You should change how often you carry out checks, according to the number and severity of faults found.

The best way to find out if specialised equipment is safe is to have it inspected and tested by a person with specific competence on that type of equipment.

If keeping on top of electrical safety at work proves to be a bit overwhelming, don’t panic! As qualified electricians we will inspect your portable electrical appliances, carry out PAT testing and repair items. We’re always happy to give advice so that you know exactly what your business needs to do to comply with the regulations, which appliances need testing and how often.

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