Blown a Fuse

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Even when homeowners make an effort to turn everything off when they leave a room, some devices can continue to drain energy from your home and money from your wallet long after you flip the switch. Be aware of some of the worst culprits so you can consider unplugging if you don’t really need them in standby. Our list doesn’t include the obvious candidates opting to focus on overlooked consumers.

Game Consoles

Your Games Console can cost you more than £100 each year if you don’t make an effort to keep them turned off while not in use. Modern consoles usually come with a standby mode that drains nearly no power, but if you leave a console running around the clock like some, it can prove disastrous both in terms of power usage and system performance.



Microwaves gobble up power when they’re in use, but what about when they’re not? Microwaves are constantly drawing power to illuminate their clocks and keep their buttons on standby, and this can add up over time.


Fully Charged Devices

In the habit of leaving your laptop or phone on the charger after it reaches 100 percent? You’re probably wasting power. The power use from most chargers tapers off after charging a device, but they’re still burning electricity without any benefit to you or your device. Try to keep tabs on your charging habits

By making these changes in your daily habits can save you ££ but can also reduce the risk of fire in your home.

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